What clients say

A welcomed blend of skills, knowledge and perception

I have known Alice as a friend, former neighbour and food industry colleague for over 35 years. While I was a marketing manager at Nestle, Alice undertook a market research study for me on frozen prepared meals for the food service sector, including interviews with key buyers. The report was thorough, professionally prepared and useful for the company’s strategic planning. Alice is a quick thinker, a good listener and an excellent organizer. She would be of a value to any marketing team.

Craig Inch, Marketing Manager, CB Powell

We have had the opportunity to work with Alice Chapman for a short time while we were introducing a new product to the market. She and her partner, Doug, worked with our company in the early stages of the launch of a natural food ingredient which required a technical sell due to the highly beneficial health qualities, Alice provided great sales tools and was able to communicate our product’s value to the clients. She was an asset to our team and a pleasure to work with. Alice takes her work seriously and is highly motivated, technically creative and very knowledgeable about the food industry. Her experience and knowledge of the food industry would be an asset in many situations.

Marianne Donaldson, CFO, Everspring Farms Ltd.

I met Alice when her company won a competition to prepare a study for a federally funded NGO. I was a member of the advisory group to guide the project. The project involved a broad scan of factors affecting Canadian food innovation, including the design and execution of original market research. Alice and her partner prepared a very comprehensive, well-written and detailed report on schedule. Alice is a very motivated, intelligent and knowledgeable person. She has a passion for the food industry and I would recommend her highly for similar projects.

Tatiana Koutchma, PhD, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Alice is adaptable, a quick learner, and very intelligent. She can easily transmit thought to the written word, capturing the right tone and content. As marketing director for a generic drug firm, I knew our Association needed someone to pull together information from divergent sources and present a clear, well-reasoned and persuasive case. Alice prepared an excellent brief which was acknowledged by a Commission member to be the best submission. The brief’s impact served to help delay the elimination of compulsory licensing in Canada for years, fostering the development of a Canadian generic pharmaceutical industry. Alice enjoys her work and is passionate about her field. I look forward to her future articles on the food industry.

Brenda Drinkwalter, MBA,
Member, Governor’s Circle, St. Joseph’s Health Centre
Chairman, Board of Directors, Georgian Bay Forever

Alice and her partner, Doug, took the lead in our approach to Health Canada to obtain regulatory approval for use of our highly functional food ingredients. Alice’s technical background was particularly useful in understanding the ingredients’ biochemistry and patented process. She intensively reviewed the information, making the necessary changes and crafted the successful submission for federal regulatory authorities. Alice has a strong scientific background which she applies well to written communications for both technical and customer-based audiences.

Paul Hart, Application Technology Manager, Solanic InstituteSolanic BV, Netherlands

Alice is a motivated and knowledgeable food scientist and presenter. She and her partner prepared a very comprehensive and analytic study of Canadian food innovation for our advisory group. She has exceptional ability to distill large amounts of information into essential factors and present the findings with clarity to a non-technical audience. She is personable and professional in her work. She would be an asset to any research project.

Amy Proulx, PhD., Coordinator/Professor, Culinary Innovation & Food Technology, Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagra College