My accomplishments

A selection of previous work with brief descriptions. Completed work is proprietary to clients.

“Innovation in the Canadian Food Processing Industry”- Research Report
Canadian Food Processing Human Resource Council.

Explored innovation through examples, models, value chains and a national telephone survey. The impacts of human, financial, physical and academic resources were discussed and compared with international innovation.

Brief to the Federal Commission of Inquiry on Pharmaceutical Pricing and Practices. Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association.

Was principle author and editor for a persuasive and factual presentation advocating the value of generic prescription drugs in Canada. Examined pricing factors, compulsory licensing. formulary listings, drug approval procedures and retail channels.

Trade Show and Seminar Packages for New Ontario Food Exporters Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Supported food companies in international trade shows: designed booths, graphics and props, prepared/advised on sell sheets, product information sheets and brochures, and created profiles of local wholesalers and retailers and summaries of local markets. For How- to- Export seminars, prepared step by step manuals with materials on marketing, product costing, customs procedures and distribution.

“Retort Operation and Container Closure Evaluation”- Industry Short Course, St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

Revised, expanded and delivered a two day hands-on course to the canning industry on safe methods for food sterilization. Participants received the full operations manual and certification for operation of food processing equipment.

“Review of Companies in the Canadian Frozen Dough Market”- Research Report

Examined acquisition targets for a multinational food company. Companies evaluated through personal interviews, income statements, D&B profiles, annual reports and business press articles.

“Examination of the North American Chocolate Market”- Research Report

Undertook statistical and demographic analysis for a multinational company to establish segments and trends for North American chocolate confectionery. Report served as background for a corporate presentation and entrée into the Japanese Market.

Focus Group Summaries

Viewed and analyzed focus group discussions for new food product prototypes. Prepared written reviews of perceived product profiles as defined by target markets and suggested creative for various media.