Improve technical communications – Augment impact

Your specialized product or service outperforms the competition.
How do you best share the good news with your clients?

Your sales team is motivated but uninformed.
How do you provide them with the right promotional tools?

Your target markets are dynamic and demanding.
How do you supply the comprehensive content they require?

There are times when your organization’s need for support in technical service, thumb promotion or research exceeds in-house capabilities.  I can bridge that gap.


Sketch of Alice Chapman, The Food Tech WriterMy name is Alice Chapman.
I am The Food Tech Writer

I have an extensive background in the food industry. With over 30 years of education and experience as a food scientist and marketer, I can support your organization’s efforts by strengthening your brand: transforming your food science and technology into customer value.

Whether you need to communicate internally or need to provide customers with in-depth content, detailed product information or promotional messages, I can offer ways to make things happen.  Check out my services and see how I am different from most other business writers.